Is going to be a good day! I woke up early and made some cinnamon streusel muffins, bought my tickets for Breaking Dawn tonight (even though I love Harry Potter WAY more, I have got to see Twilight too because I read the books:) and now I am chilling at home and relaxing before a good night at work! I have been trying to stay in this mind set for awhile now telling myself that I AM going to have a good day. I think deciding that you are going to have a good day is way better than moping about hoping and waiting for something awesome to happen to turn you mood around. That does not work! Trust me.. I have tried it many times and to no avail. Maybe It’s cliche saying “Oh I am going to have a GREAT day today no matter what!” Because it doesn’t always work. But it has helped me through some tough times. Tough times are a thing I know a lot about right now. Let me just change the subject and ask a simple question.. Has anyone ever tried to find an apartment with a pit bull AND an eviction?? Why the hell is it so hard?! It disgust me that so many places are not willing to work with people with evictions. Shit happen, we make mistakes, each eviction has different circumstances and no one wants to hear what those circumstances are. And not every pit bull is aggressive and will rip your face off as soon as it gets the chance. My dog is the sweetest thing you will ever meet and I cant have her anywhere and will probably have to leave her when I move out beacuse no one will accept her. UGH! Other than that my day is awesome:) So hope you have a good one too;)